GRACE Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc. would like to become your partner in providing your patients with a superb end product you both will be proud of.  Remember, while we are doing the time consuming fabrication work, you are free to increase your business profits by consulting with hospitals, physicians, and therapists.


Standard product fabrication time will usually be

3-4 business days from the day we receive the item

to the day the item will be shipped out.


 Fabrication time-frame will be affected by the following:

  •  Special order components
  •  Back ordered components
  •  Incomplete order forms/ fabrication instructions


To aid in avoiding any of the above mentioned potential problems please make sure to call or

otherwise notify us of any special components that will need to be ordered so we may verify

their availability from our vendors. As well as completely filling out our provided order forms or

detailed written instructions.


We attend all trade shows, staying up to date on all the newest components as they become available. We are also happy to extend our expertise to the prosthetist by recommending or answering questions about special fabrication needs or components availability and function.