Spray Skin Swatches:

Click HERE to download our pdf swatches sheet.

Our state-of-the art facility has a spray skin lab, allowing our trained technicians to produce your high quality finished prosthesis quickly and efficiently.


In addition to a quality functioning prosthetic, you also want something esthetically pleasing. Our Spray skin process is a cosmetic coating finish that helps to feel more like your natural limb. The skin coating is made of tough flexible vinyl. It can be brushed, sprayed and pigmented for a custom finish. It is water resistant with non-removable versions. It has a matte finish that shows texture and feels like natural skin. It is UV resistant. Spray skin is a cost effective custom finish alternative.

Custom Spray skin with natural hair illusion.

At GRACE Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc. our technicians have perfected the techniques of spraying skins on all types of prosthetic appliances. We can mimic the look of real skin, hair and tattoos.


Our spray skins can also be designed to be lowered for ease of alignment changes.