GPFINC has been an industry leader for over 28 years. Our ABC certified technicians

utilize state-of-the-art technology and our full-service facility, to cater to all your needs by custom fabricating prosthetic devices that exceed expectations in both performance and craftsmanship. We believe, a strong commitment to quality fabrication produces the finest prosthetic appliances at competitive prices, quickly.

We work with the most innovative component manufacturers to create a superior prosthetic product of the highest quality and integrity. GPFINC offers state-of-the-art customization services which include high end custom spray skins with realistic hair illusions and custom t-shirt and fabric lamination sleeves.

GPFINC ensures that our products are both beautiful and well-constructed. Allowing

your patient, the opportunity to express their personality and style!

Our newest line of state of the art customization is in the works at GPFINC. Look for

more information on our 3D printing covers on our website page.

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