Meet Our Superhero of the Month!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

GPFINC Superhero Employee for September 2018 is...Sr. Prosthetic Technician, Trevor.

Trevor started with GPFINC in 2012 as facility maintenance and has worked hard to advance his skill set to ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician. I sat down with Trevor for a little Q&A session this is what I learned.

The best part of his job is the satisfaction of working on something a person will walk on or that will help a person walk. He also likes joking around during the work day between his co-workers.

When Trevor isn’t working he enjoys the “typical Florida Stuff” like going to the beach, swimming, going to Orlando.

Pizza is a ritual at GPFINC, whether we are celebrating a birthday or just having a team function, we love pizza and Trevor is no exception. Hands down his favorite is, Chicago style deep dish or thin crust extra cheesy!

"Against the Odds: from cleaning guy to ABC Certified Technician of Prosthetics!", would be the name of his autobiography if he was to write one today.

-I know it would be on the best sellers list, everybody loves a good hardworking story.

If he were given the opportunity to master one thing in his life it would be to be more confident in the life he’s made within this profession.

Trevor feels that his 3 best qualities are that he’s determined, optimistic and great under pressure! </