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Prosthetic Running Legs

The Grace Plate

Central Fabrication for Prosthetic Running Legs

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication specializes in creating high-quality and durable prosthetic running legs to support your athletic needs. With the expertise of our ABC-certified technicians and industry-leading technologies, our prosthetics offer the perfect balance between design and performance.

Stay Active and Safe with Grace’s Prosthetic Running Legs

We understand the passion that amputee runners have for their sport. So, we want to help them continue doing what they love through our prosthetic running legs. Even if you are not an athlete, our prosthetic legs are designed for all above knee or below knee amputees who enjoy running and want to get back on track with their active lifestyles.


Here at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, we use advanced technologies to create prosthetic devices that mimic natural human movement. We also customize the prosthetic running legs based on the user’s weight, foot alignment, and residual limb length to ensure that you always get the optimal fit and comfort.

Delivering Top Performance and Functionality

As its name suggests, Grace’s prosthetic running legs was specifically fabricated for running sports. Thus, we thought of all aspects of the prosthetic design carefully, making sure that the resulting device provided maximum comfort and functionality.

To give you a better idea of what to expect with our prosthetic legs, here are some key components in the design:

● Curved running blade design

This design emulates the movement of biological limbs, where the running blades store the energy while bearing your weight. Then, they release the energy as you push off the ground and start running.

● Carbon fiber blade

We use a lightweight carbon fiber blade to allow for ease and speed. The use of carbon fiber composite helps an athlete swing his leg smoothly, as he would when running or playing sports.

Providing Maximum Range of Motion and Benefits

Our prosthetic legs provide athletes with maximum range of motion to support their recreational and sport needs.

Specifically, you can expect these benefits:

● Ability to withstand intense loads

Our devices can withstand intense loads to ensure that you can run for long periods like you normally would. We put a stronger emphasis on durability for our athletic prosthetics to ensure that they can support greater forces.


● Easy stretching

No need to worry about your warmups or cooldowns as our prosthetic legs also allow for easy stretching. This way, you can participate in your sports safely and lessen the risk of injuries.

● Mobility for various sports

While our prosthetic running legs are designed for running, they work just as well for other sports.

We know the emotional impact of losing a limb and dealing with its effects on your lifestyle. We are here to help you take charge and gain back your mobility and limb function with high-quality prosthetic fabrication.

Why Choose Grace for Athletic Prosthetics?

As a central fabrication leader, Grace Prosthetic Fabrication specializes in all types of prosthetic devices—including athletic prosthetics. Whatever your specific needs or requirements are, we can help your patients get back to the sports you love doing. By choosing us as your prosthetic fabrication partner, we can promise you the following:

●      Team of ABC-certified technicians

●      High-quality craftsmanship and components

●      Quick turnaround times of two to three business days (standard)

●      Top industry technologies

●      Affordable rates

●      Exceptional customer service

●      Highest standards in the fabrication process

●      Over 30 years of industry experience


Beyond all these, we also comply with the rules set by the International Association of Athletics—now known as World Athletics—in using prosthetics for competitive sports. Rest assured, we pay attention to the smallest details in fabricating our devices for amputee athletics.


Contact Us Today to Configure Your Patients' Prosthetic Running Legs

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication can help you fulfill all your patients’ prosthetic needs, from upper extremity devices to athletic running legs. Given our technicians’ skill and advanced technologies, you can trust that our prosthetic running legs are built for mobility and functionality. Call us today at 1-800-940-5437 to schedule a consultation and get started.

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