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Above Knee 

GPFINC provides above knee and

CAD-CAM prosthetic fabrication  personalized for the patients needs.

Below Knee

GPFINC offers personalized templates, available to download and print. 


GPFINC provides different styles of specialized prosthetics from Old School techniques to the newest technology.

Upper Extremity 

GPFINC provides above Upper Extremities that are personalized for the patients needs.


GPFINC offers specialized appliances for active lifestyles. Have a special request? Call us!

Spray Skins

Our state-of-the art facility includes a spray skin lab with realistic spray skins utilizing the PRS color match system.

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We are able to digitize a wrap or test socket from a mold you hand modified and create a custom template from your modification. This allows you to get your hand modified results without having to take the time to hand modify.

CAD-CAM Fabrication Process

Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) available on-site with Shapemaker and TracerCAD
Prosthetic and orthotic devices are successfully fabricated and fit utilizing CAD/CAM technology. At GPFINC we utilize the Shapemaker and TracerCAD programs to digitize, modify, and reproduce a finished socket for optimum fit and comfort.

CAD-CAM Brim Styles

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