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Grace Fabrication Plates

History of "The Grace Plates"

The Grace Plate – like most inventions, was brought about by necessity.  In our central fabrication, we used the industry's standard 4-hole square plate that was available, but you had to make sure the plate was exactly square with the socket, before lamination.  We had the idea, that if the plate was round, we could align the plate after the socket was fabricated, by drilling the 4-holes as a final step, when you could see inside the socket. 

Therefore, the Grace Plate was created.  Since then, thousands of Grace Plates have been used in products across the world.  The name “Grace Plate” has become synonymous with practically all 4-hole plates, but there is only one original.  The actual name “Grace” comes from our family name and Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc.  The Grace Plate has evolved into over a dozen different variations for different applications.

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