Pediatric Devices

We take exceptional care when it comes to the smallest patient appliances. Pediatric prosthetics and orthotics not only require smaller components, but they require a gentle hand. Our technicians are skilled and dedicated to crafting the best products available.

The 1210-P is Grace’s dedicated pediatric plate. It is smaller than our traditional 1210 Grace plate, allowing for lighter single lamination sockets. 


Grace also specializes in custom fabric laminations. Let your patient’s self-expression and creativity shine by laminating their favorite t-shirt or cloth. We can also work with your clinic to do any custom design they can dream up. Does the child want a socket covered in puppies or pirates, princesses or palm trees?


We can help!


Because we know kids are made to move, we can also fabricate custom activity appliances such as:

  • Rollerblades

  • Swim legs

  • Snowboarding adaptions

  • Mono fins and more!


Our onsite 3D printed test sockets are perfect for your smallest patients.

Also they can be done in fun translucent colors. See our 3D printing section for more information. 

*Colors are limited, and visibility is less optimal than traditional clear test sockets. 

As always, we strive for fast turn-a-round times and exceptional customer service.


We also manufacture and offer a Pediatric Plate specifically designed for your little patients.